Kerry Wailes Yoga & Massage

Essential Oil Support Blends

Kerry currently offers 3 custom-made essential oil support blends:


  • Lose Your Stress Support Blend

  • Kids Ease Support Blend

  • Moonstone Body Ease Support Blend

Lose Your Stress is a divine blend of grounding, soothing and uplifting essential oils. Especially designed to ease feelings of stress. Also created to support participants of Inspired EFT courses and to use with EFT Tapping.

Kids Ease is a subtle blend of calming, soothing essential oils. A very safe blend for sensitive young skin at this dilution. Designed for little ones to enhance feelings of trust, protection, nurturing, comfort and safety. Specially designed to complement Inspired EFT and Tapping with children.

Moonstone Body Ease is a powerful liniment-style essential oil blend, to support ease of sore muscles, joints and other body tissues. Complements chiropractic work and may be used between sessions.

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