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Kerry Wailes Yoga & Massage

Morning EFT, Meditation &
Energy Alignment

Term 4, 2021: Every Monday at 6.30am-7am, starting on October 4th and finishing on Dec 6th, 2021 (10 weeks).

This will start off your day and week in a mindful, balanced way to create ease and flow in your life.


Begin with a Tapping (EFT) exercise to help settle and clear out unhelpful thoughts or emotions. This is followed by a relaxation and meditation, to assist with calmness and clarity through your day. Also included are some helpful affirmations and energy alignment exercises. Begin your morning with a balanced body, thoughts and emotions and see what a positive effect this has on your day.


While attendance at the live weekly session is encouraged, sessions will be recorded. You may work with the recording instead if you are unable to join the live session. The recording may also be repeated through the week, as often as you choose.

Cost: $50 

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EFT Course:
Lose Your Stress for Life – Inspired EFT Level 1


EFT Courses & Course Overview

Stay tuned for future courses. Register your interest with Kerry and you will be informed when new courses become available.


Lose Your Stress for Life

Inspired EFT Level 1 Course Overview:

A series of 8 weekly modules, designed to help you effectively use Tapping to decrease stress and improve your life.
You will be gently guided, encouraged and supported to

  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress as it arises.

  • Understand how and why we have unhelpful habits and patterns in our lives.

  • Transform habits and patterns in life that no longer serve you, into ones you choose.

  • Experience, create and use practices that are supportive, calming and uplifting for you.


IEFT L1 Course Modules:

1) Introduction. 1 hour presentation. Face to face, or online. Exploring stress and how to reduce it using the Inspired EFT basic formula.

Homework: Incorporating the Inspired EFT basic formula daily into our life, at least once per day. 10 minutes (or more-up to you) daily. A support video is available.


2) Fight Flight to Relaxation. 1 hour presentation. Face to face, or online. Learning to become more aware of stress and relaxation and how they affect you through your day.

Homework: Becoming more mindful of levels of stress and relaxing through your day. Set a reminder and tune in. Tap off where required. ‘Tapping off the day’ exercise for the end of each day. A support video is available. 10 minutes before bed each evening and Tapping through the day as you choose.


3) The Conscious and Subconscious Minds. 1 hour presentation. Face to face, or online. What is in the realm of the conscious and subconscious minds? How does this affect me, my habits and patterns?

Homework: Dream journaling. Around 10 or more minutes/day. Each day, notice a habit. Do you consider it to be helpful or unhelpful? Where/when did it start? What comes up around it? Tap through the points while considering these things.


4) EFT and Inspired EFT Development. 1 hour presentation. Face to face, or online. The development and practical use of EFT in more detail. Terminology. Development of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Inspired EFT. Some research results.

Homework: Look at 1 personal issue and develop a Tapping sequence around it. Include the SUDS rating, Set-up Statement, Reminder Statements and turnaround sequence. Write it down and work (Tap) through it. Repeat it until your SUDS rating is 0-1. 20 minutes or more. Continue Tapping as required through your days.


5) Mindfulness & Support Practices. 1 hour presentation. Face to face, or online. Exploring mindfulness, visioning, affirmations, journaling, dreams, diet, detoxing, sleep, meditation, relaxation, exercise, fun, creativity, breath, massage & bodywork, and other supportive practices. Where does regular Tapping fit in best in my life?

Homework: Develop a personal (weekly?) schedule to support your life and health. What would you like to change? What will work for you? When and where can you practically include it in your days and weeks? Continue Tapping as required through your days.


6) Different Ways to Tap. 1 hour presentation. Face to face, or online. What gets in the way? Muscle memory. Changing behaviour. Addictions. Resistance. Secondary benefits. Mirror neurons. Psychological Reversal, Set-up Statement and 9 Gamut procedure. Just feel and Tap, tell the Story, movie technique, ‘the box’. Rub points, wrist holds, fingertip holds, fingertip taps.

Homework: Think of a habit you wish to change. Think of a habit you have changed. What is involved in changing a pattern, habit or way of thinking? Tap off all that comes to mind around your unwanted habit. Use the sequence method developed in module 4 to work with it. Notice if different thoughts come to mind around your habit after you’ve tapped off the earlier ones. Keep working (Tapping) with it. 20 minutes, or more. Continue Tapping as required through your days.


7) The Coral Diagram Exercise. 1 hour presentation. Face to face, or online. Core issues and how to work with them. Breaking down big patterns into smaller, bite-sized chunks.
Homework: Create a Coral Diagram around an issue you consider to be a big one for you. Work with each strand of the coral, developing a Tapping sequence for each strand. Tap on that strand until the SUDS is down to 0-1. Continue the process with all the strands. Draw the opposite, or easeful, coral. Perhaps 1 hour or more. Continue Tapping as required through your days.


8) Summary and Questions. 1 hour presentation. Face to face, or online. Looking back over what we’ve covered. Feedback and questions.
Homework: Completion of a quiz to review your memory of aspects of the course


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Other support during the course

Zoom Tapping, meditation and energy alignment sessions. These will start off your day and week in a mindful, balanced way. Sessions are designed to support your progress through the 'Lose Your Stress for Life' course. The recording may also be repeated through the week, as often as you choose.

This is free during your 8-week IEFT course. It may then be accessed as live and/or recorded sessions for a term price.

Private Group forum page. The private Facebook page 'Lose Your Stress' has been set-up so that participants may share their experiences and ask any questions along the way.

‘Lose Your Stress’ essential oil Support Blend. A 5 ml bottle or roll-on is $18 with your IEFT L1 course with Kerry ($27 regular price).

A divine blend of beautiful, therapeutic grade essential oils. Kerry has created this oil to support Tapping practices. It is made with a 2% blend of tangerine, ylang ylang and Australian Sandalwood oils in a base of sweet almond oil. De-stressing, calming and uplifting. Suitable and safe for almost everyone.

‘Lose Your Stress’ Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation. A series of 8 x 45 minute sessions of Tapping, gentle Yoga warm-ups, meditation and relaxation exercises, designed to support your Inspired EFT practices. Suitable for almost everybody. Available for $40 while you are completing your IEFT L1 course. Available for $60 for 90-day access outside the course.

Further Learning: If you choose, you may choose to further your Inspired EFT knowledge after completing Level 1. Further options are:

IEFT Level 2
Learning how to assist family and friends.

IEFT Level 3
For practitioners wishing to incorporate Tapping into their practice.

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Week 1 – Introduction & Module 1 (free and available to the public)
Week 2 – Modules 2 & 3
Week 3 – Modules 4 & 5
Week 4 – Modules 6 & 7
Week 5 – Module 8 

Choice between: 

In-person / live sessions at the Allwood House, Hurstbridge

Online Zoom sessions

Cost: $250

Payments & Bookings

Payments through website (PayPal / credit card) or alternatively by cash, cheque, barter, DVNS LETS Diamonds or direct deposit (ask Kerry for bank account details.)

Bookings through the site or by contacting Kerry (phone 0438 777 732, email