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Yoga at Home

Kerry Wailes Yoga & Massage

Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation Classes

Kerry has been teaching Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation since the early 1990s. She has a Yoga Teacher’s Diploma from the Sarasvati Yoga Society (2003). Kerry is trained by the legendary Swami Sarasvati, one of the first teachers of yoga in Australia.* Kerry is also a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Kerry has had training in a range of yoga styles. Her approach is holistic, offering tools that people can work with in their daily lives. She would like yoga, meditation and relaxation to be accessible to as many people as possible who might benefit from it.

Kerry offers a number of stages to many poses, which students may perform according to their ability. The emphasis is not so much on extreme poses and physical prowess, but on the state of mind in which we carry out these things.

Live yoga classes

Live Yoga

In-person Yoga classes:

Flowerdale Community House Wellness Mornings

Yoga, Morning Tea & Mindfulness Walk
Join husband and wife team Kerry Wailes & Tony Fitzgerald for a morning of Wellness. Enjoy a session of fairly gentle Yoga at FCH with Kerry, followed by a delicious healthy morning tea and a Mindfulness Walk with Tony just down the road, at Silver Creek Rd Buffer Track. 


Please bring: Yoga sticky mat (if you have one), comfortable clothes for bending, stretching and bush walking, sturdy walking shoes, your smile and a sense of adventure.

Saturday October 21 & November 11, 9am-12.30pm
preferably cash on the day.
Flowerdale Community House, 36-42 Silver Ck Rd, Flowerdale


Contact Kerry to book: Mob 0438 777 732  Email

Past classes: Kerry has handed over her Melbourne-based Yoga classes. Diamond Creek Yoga will be taken by Cate Frampton. Kangaroo Ground Yoga will be taken by Louise Heathcote. 

-Sacred Heart Primary School, 25 Gipson St, Diamond Creek.

Monday evenings from 7pm - 8.30pm with Cate Frampton

Contact Cate to book: Mob 0437 006 053  Email

-The Kangaroo Ground Centre, 25 Donaldson Rd, Kangaroo Ground.

Tuesday afternoons from 4pm - 5.30pm with Louise Heathcote

Contact Louise to book: Mob 0491 852 736   Email

Senior Yoga Class

4-class or 8-class programs available

Try the Bonus 1st week of the course, before you decide to buy.

The course is available for 3 months from the date of purchase, so there is plenty of time to complete it.

  • 4 wks x 1.5 hour Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation classes - $50

  • 8 wks x 1.5 hour Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation classes - $70


Classes are recorded, so you may follow or repeat them anytime that suits you through the week.

As I will not be able to observe you through the class, these classes are only suitable for students who are able to self-regulate their practice. You need to know when to come out of a pose that doesn’t work for you, or to modify poses according to your ability.

Current and past students are welcome. Newbies may require to attend in-person classes initially, unless you are willing to take full responsibility for modifying your practice as required.

Online Recorded Zoom classes

Recorded Zoom classes
Practicing Yoga

 Live & Recorded Sunday Evening Zoom Meditation

Tappng (EFT), meditation, awareness and positive intention has the power to change us as individuals, and to help change the world for the better.

Kerry says,

'I have been working with a group of 12 for a number of years and we have seen the positive changes for us and those we have assisted. It is now time to 'get it out there', so that as many people as possible may benefit.

I am hosting a weekly guided meditation on Zoom, on Sunday evenings at 8pm. 

The focus will be on creating compassion, health, freedom and empowerment for us all in this challenging time.'

The session will be around 20-25 minutes in total. There will be a short Tapping sequence, to tune in and release the stresses of the day. There will be a relaxation, to prepare for the following meditation. The meditation will be 5-10 minutes of quiet focus on the intentions above. 

A recording link to the session will also be sent out for you to use until the next recording is sent out.

So, please join, if you feel you would like to. Contact Kerry for the Zoom  link and payment details

Let's be the change we wish to see in the world.

Much Love, Namaste,

Term 4 2023:

1st session 'come and try' free: Sunday, October 8 at 8pm. Join at the term price after that, if you feel it's for you.

Term 4 begins Sunday October 8 - December 10 at 8pm, excluding October 15 (Kerry is away on a course) and Nov 5 (Cup weekend)

8 weeks

Contribution: $40

Free weekly meditation


"I signed up to Kerry’s Yoga class because friends and family often told me I needed to find my ‘pause button’. That was 3 terms ago & I have no intention of giving up! Kerry gently encourages us to work at our own pace and, furthermore, assures us that we will notice the benefits in many areas of our lives. I am pleasantly surprised at how true that really is!"



Testimonials - yoga

Swami Sarasvati and Kerry


Swami Sarasvati came to Australia in the 1960s, from her family’s Ashram in Varanasi, India. Subsequently, she had a television show on the Channel 10 network for 11 years, in Australia and abroad. Swami, over the years, introduced many Australians to yoga and is legendary in the Yoga community.

Kerry has a Yoga Teacher’s Diploma from the Sarasvati Yoga Society (2003). She has been trained by the legendary Swami Sarasvati, one of the first proponents of yoga in Australia. She is a member of the Sarasvati Yoga Society and has practiced yoga for over 30 years, teaching for more than 20 years.

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