Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation Classes in Diamond Creek

Kerry has been teaching Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation since the early 1990s and has a Yoga Teacher’s Diploma from the Sarasvati Yoga Society (2003). She is trained by the legendary Swami Sarasvati, one of the first proponents of yoga in Australia.* Kerry is also a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Kerry has also had training in a range of yoga styles. Her approach is holistic, offering tools that people can work with in their daily lives. She would like yoga, meditation and relaxation to be accessible to as many people as possible who might benefit from it.

Kerry offers a number of stages to many poses, which students may perform according to their ability. The emphasis is not so much on extreme poses and physical prowess, but on the state of mind in which we carry out these things.

Classes cater for beginner to intermediate levels.

Classes run through school terms.

Payment by full term @ $18/class  ($14/class concession)

(Please note – no refunds for missed classes, unless the casual rate/class would be cheaper over the term.)

Casual classes $25/class  ($18/class concession) (space-dependent)

Come and Try. Try your first class at the term rate – $18, ($14 concession). After that, if you decide to stay for the term, this will be deducted from your term fee.


Monday evenings Diamond Creek 

Guest Teacher for term 1, 2018 is Judy Bee, while Kerry is on a placement at Gwinganna Health Resort in Queensland.

Judy says

“My many years of practicing yoga developed into teaching yoga. After graduating. as a yoga teacher in 2007, being able to share with the community the beauty of the practices, the strength of body and mind that the teachings of yoga enhance, has become a joy for me. I continue to learn and be inspired by my gifted teachers: Lyn Colenso, Donna Fahri, Leigh Blashki, Annette Loudon, A.G. and Indra Mohan, Dr Richard Miller.”

Judy is a 2007 Yoga Teacher graduate of Bhava School of Yoga and Dance, 2013 Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy and 2013 iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher

Welcome, Judy!

Class Times and Address:

7.00pm – 8.30pm  (7 wks from February 5 to March 26, 2018. Excludes March 12 Labour Day) $126/term  ($98 Concession)

Sacred Heart Primary School

25 Gipson Street, Diamond Creek


Directions for the Diamond Creek class:

Classes are held in the ‘Multi-purpose Room’, at the back of the school.

Drive in to school grounds from the front gates, off Gipson St. After that, drive across the asphalt to the far right (Eastern) side of the school, nearest the train line.

Follow the laneway down this side of the school, to the basketball courts at the back of the school. Park here. Then, walk through the gates and enter the corridor to the right. The Multi-purpose room is first door on the left.


*Book with Kerry Ph: 0438 777 732, email

*Payments by cash, cheque, barter or direct deposit, (ask Kerry for bank account details.) No Credit Card or Eftpos facilities at present.


What to wear and bring:

– Wear comfortable clothes for stretching and bending in. Tracksuit pants, or leggings, and t-shirt are ideal.

-Bring a Yoga sticky mat, if you have one. If not, Kerry has mats you may borrow, or mats for sale for $22.

-In addition, bring a blanket or shawl to cover you from neck to toes for relaxation.

– Bring an open heart and wear a smile, too.



Swami Sarasvati and Kerry

Australian Yoga icon Swami Sarasvati and Kerry







*Swami Sarasvati came to Australia in the 1960s, from her family’s Ashram in Varanasi, India. Subsequently, she had a television show on the channel 10 network for 11 years, in Australia and abroad. Swami, over the years, introduced many Australians to yoga and is legendary in the Yoga community.




‘I signed up to Kerry’s Yoga class because friends and family often told me I needed to find my ‘pause button’. That was 3 terms ago & I have no intention of giving up! Kerry gently encourages us to work at our own pace and, furthermore, assures us that we will notice the benefits in many areas of our lives. I am pleasantly surprised at how true that really is!’

Lashay, Eltham

‘I tried yoga years ago and didn’t like it. A physiotherapist advised that I should start yoga as my body needed it to cope with the strenuous exercise I do daily. It took a year to finally get there, only because a friend insisted I book in to the course with her. From the first 5 minutes I loved it. The course is at a beginners level, exactly what I need, and Kerry is a very relaxed, thorough teacher. Also, I’ve learnt that yoga isn’t just good for my body. I now take a holistic approach to yoga, and the meditation we do, and look forward to every lesson’

Julie Merrett, Diamond Creek

‘I was telling my assistant at work about the yoga classes, and I told her about Kerry’s suggestion of taking “a full yoga breath” when we get into a stressy situation. How just taking the deep breath can relieve the tension and helps to stop the feelings of anger or anxiety. So every now and then during the last couple of weeks I’ve said to her “take a full yoga breath”.

This morning I came to work late, trying to fight off a cold and couldn’t get something to start working and was getting into a flap when my assistant said “Hey, take a full yoga breath. Not only does it work but it’s catchy as well.”

Namaste, Viv Porter


‘Australia Day weekend was a little stressful, since there was a family member visiting.

On Saturday night I was perched on a little knoll near Hurstbridge Primary school playgrounds, suffering from a migraine. I then sat down in the easy pose and meditated with the sun setting and a gentle breeze blowing in my face and bingo the migraine was gone.

 Thank-you for showing me how to find peace in difficult situations.’

Deb x


Kerry Wailes

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