Massage, Tapping, EFT, Aromatherapy & Raindrop Technique in Hurstbridge.

Experience an amazing session of your choice of Massage , Tapping (EFT), Aromatherapy, Energy Work and/or Raindrop Technique with Kerry, at her home clinic in Hurstbridge. Shorter clothed sessions, from 15 minutes, are also available at Kerry’s stall at St Andrews Market on Saturdays.

*Please Note: Kerry is on a placement at Gwinganna Health Retreat in Queensland, from Sunday, January 21 to Sunday, March 11 and then in Tasmania until March 18, 2018. She will not be available for sessions during these weeks. Please book either before January 21, or after March 18.

Hurstbridge Clinic:

Any combinations of the following massage and healing techniques is possible, according to your requirements:  

-Experience a beautiful Relaxation Massage, with highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils chosen for you if you so desire.

-Receive Deep Tissue work on preferred areas of the body in order to release physical discomfort and tension.

-You may choose to have energy work, to balance your energy centres and fields.

-Kerry also works with ‘Tapping’, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. Specific points are gently ‘tapped’ on the body, as emotional and/or physical issues are worked through.

Tapping works with the emotions and beliefs around pain, tension and stress, (among other things). For those who are open to it, it may help to shift deep-seated unhelpful patterns quite quickly. Clients are helped to understand how those patterns have created from past experiences. Research has shown that cortisol (stress hormone) levels in trauma victims reduced an average of 24% after a 1 hour Tapping session, which was unmatched by psychotherapy, (Ortner, 2016).

 Kerry demonstrating ‘Tapping’


Kerry specialises in identifying and releasing troublesome and tight muscles ( for local and referred pain). She practices Aromatherapy with the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. Also on offer are Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Release, Deep Tissue Massage and Bowen Technique.

Self-massage techniques can be demonstrated for easing stress, muscle tension and pain. As well, Kerry helps clients to find the root causes of their pain and discomfort. Techniques are offered for the ongoing management, relief and alleviation of symptoms.

Kerry is highly skilled at helping people identify and get to the origin of issues that trouble them. Using EFT in conjunction with the other modalities, she gently supports and guides each person individually to create change where there are blocks that no longer serve them. Movement is often profound and can be quite quick, even if the difficulty has been long-standing.

1) Relaxation Massage/Deep Tissue Massage/Bowen/ Aromatherapy/Tapping/Energy Work is $95/hour, $140/1.5hrs, $180/2hrs, $215/2.5hrs
 (Ask about special prices for multiple visits within 30 days)


2) Raindrop Technique is $150. Allow 2.5 hrs for a first visit , 90 mins for following sessions.  (Ask about special prices for multiple visits within 30 days.

Invigorate your back, with a combination of exotic bodywork, Young Living Oils and massage.

Experience the beautiful relaxation of a Foot Balance and the ancient Tibetan form of reflexology, Vitaflex. Then, slowly come back to your body and roll over. Experience the gentle splashes as therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils are applied up your spine and to your tired muscles. These oils are then ‘feathered in’ using a spine-tingling technique inspired by Native Americans.

Sound like heaven? It sure is!

3) New in 2018: The Transformation Session $245

A 2.5 hour session including:
-setting your intention to heal or move a particular issue
evaluation of your energy field and centres
-the use of essential oils, energy balancing techniques, EFT (Tapping) and massage as appropriate to support your healing and movement.

Ongoing strategies and tools will be suggested for you.

A 10% essential oil custom Support Blend will also be created for you to take with you and use in your healing journey.

Kerry Wailes Yoga and Massage logo
Operating from Hurstbridge

Wednesdays & Thursdays

9.30am – 4pm

By appointment only at 17 Anzac Ave, Hurstbridge

Payment is by cash, cheque or Direct Deposit, Sorry, no Credit Cards at this time. (ask Kerry for bank account details when booking for DD option.)

Book with Kerry: Ph 0438 777 732, email:

The St Andrews Market Sessions

The St Andrews Market Stall

Kerry is offering short sessions at the St Andrews Market on Saturdays. Sessions on offer include clothed massage, aromatherapy, energy balancing and Tapping, or combinations of these.

She is now a permanent stall holder at St Andrews Market, so will be there most Saturdays. If she can’t make it on a particular Saturday, this will be posted on Kerry’s Yoga & Massage FB page. Check and ‘Friend’ the Kerry Wailes Yoga & Massage Facebook page at

Come and book a session with Kerry at the fantastic St Andrews Market. You may pre-book a session, prior to Saturday, by texting Kerry on 0438 777 732

.St Andrews Mkt Stall Sunrise


Kerry has a Massage Therapist Certificate (1996) & Certificate IV in Massage (2009) from the Southern School of Natural Therapies, (SSNT). She has been practicing massage since 1996.

In addition, she is trained in the use of therapeutic grade Essential Oils by the SSNT,  (former) Raindrop Association of Australia (RAA) and Raindrop Australia (RA) and has a Certificate of Competence in Professional Level 2 Raindrop Technique (2012).

Kerry is also currently studying the Certificate of Clinical Aromatherapy with the Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy (ISHA).

Kerry incorporates ‘Tapping’ into her work, upon request. She is taught by Melinda Deans-Draper and the master Armon. Kerry is a qualified Level 3 Inspired EFT practitioner.

 She is a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)



Hi Kerry,
Thanks for the treatment session at St Andrews Market on Saturday. My energy levels have been much more even and thought processing gentler, easy and light.
Kind Regards,



Thanks so much for your energy healing Kerry
I’m feeling refreshed and my body feels so much more connected and balanced

Chris Hayes


‘I came to Kerry in 2011 for massage to ease tightness in my legs, back and arms. Among other things, I couldn’t move my right arm and shoulder very well. After 2 sessions, I had 70-80% of movement back in my arm. Kerry showed me how to use self-massage as well and I reduced the pain level further. I got even more movement in my arm. I now have no problem with it at all’

Mark Carl


‘dearest kerry,

..thankyou for coming into my life when i needed an angel and thankyou for bringing your special oils into all of our lives here. i believe that our sessions together have not only assisted me to heal my back but move through pain and blocks that were holding me back in so many ways.

i really am grateful to you kerry XXx thankyou~



Before and After Photos

the bad back














Kerry’s Case Study – 3 Sessions within One Month on a client with scoliosis.

This client presented with a scoliosis of around 30 years’ standing. After 3  sessions within 1 month, the client’s right shoulder had lifted by 3cm, the left shoulder had lifted by 1cm and the spine was practically straight, as may be seen above.

From a Report by Kerry Wailes, 2012


‘I am eighty-four years old and had been unable to sleep on my sides for six years. I had four sessions with Kerry. After those sessions, I could lie on my sides again. This has considerably aided the quality of my sleep. In addition, my spine notably straightened, as my osteopath has observed.’

Wilma Wailes, (Kerry’s Mum)


 ‘Late last year, I had chest pain, angina and High Blood Pressure. I had difficulty walking more than 20 minutes at a time. My knee joints were stiff and painful. As well as that, I had back problems all my life, after suffering from a twisted spine as a baby.

Kerry suggested that a series of Raindrop Technique sessions might be helpful for me. I saved up and had three sessions within one month.

I’ve just had my third session. It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve had no chest pain since we began the sessions and my blood pressure is now normal. The walk that took me 70 minutes a couple of weeks ago now takes me 55 minutes.

My knee joints feel loose and easy, with no pain at all. I no longer have pain in my back. People keep telling me how well I look and I have a lot more energy. I feel years younger.

To sum up, I feel fantastic! ‘

Mark Carl, Eltham


 ‘When we were catching the train or something, it was like I ran at 60kmh and Mark ran at 2kmh. But now, I have trouble keeping up with him. It’s like he’s got new batteries!’

Mark’s wife, Helen Carl


‘Kerry’s intuitive abilities to bring forth the right essential oil for a particular issue have been spot on every time for me and consequently, result in an almost instant feeling of ‘ease’ after a session.’

xxx Petra Leaford | Graphic Designer


‘Thanks so much to Kerry and her oils for lifting my mood during a rather black time in my life. It was amazing to feel joyful again.

Furthermore, thanks for one of the best birthday celebrations I’ve had. I asked Kerry to join our afternoon tea, for oils, energy readings, face masks and foot massages. After that, everyone left feeling warm, nurtured and wonderful. It was so much fun.’



‘I have known Kerry for quite a number of years now and during that time my admiration for her has grown. Witnessing her professionalism and her gentle ways of supporting each client in their healing journeys as well as my own, has taught me a lot.

It is a delight to know a woman practicing high ethical standards, and someone with knowledge of the science of essential oils, incorporating this in her healing sessions as an aroma therapist and masseuse.

Kerry introduced me into the world of pure essential oils and it amazed me to experience the healing properties of the oils and blends I’ve worked with so far. I now purchase my own oils to fill up my natural medicine cabinet and use them on a daily basis.

I’m experiencing a complex range of emotional and physical challenges in my life which I almost can’t get enough support for, that’s how it feels like sometimes. Using the essential oils has helped me with self-care, and an active involvement in finding ways to heal recurring issues.

Kerry introduced me to ‘tapping’. Experiencing a way of reprogramming negative thinking, childhood beliefs, trauma memories, anxiety, and other ‘hard to overcome’ emotional patterns is helping me on a deep level to let go. Tapping has moved a lot of energies in me (IF I remembered to tap while in a distressed state!).

Kerry’s gentle reminder; ‘Did you tap on it?’ helped. Whenever I told her a story of concern, reminding me to ‘do the tapping while it’s happening’, and remind myself constantly that ‘I love and totally accept myself’! In doing so, I can now tap the voices away; voices from the past, with their negative and anxious cacophony and repetition.

Kerry’s holistic approach to heal mind, body and spirit has been of great benefit to me. Helping me to help myself with Earth’s pure gifts together with Kerry’s compassionate support has changed my life in more ways than one.

I highly recommend Kerry’s expertise as a yoga teacher, aroma therapist, masseuse and what I’d like to call it, a spiritual guide.


Margo van der Voort


December 2017



Kerry Wailes

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