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‘GetUp! is one of Australia’s largest campaigning communities, with a membership of over 800 000 people. We’re an independent, grassroots, community advocacy organisation that seeks to build a more progressive Australia and hold politicians to account’.(from the GetUp! website https://www.getup.org.au/ )

Basically, the organisation encourages people to set up online campaigns through them, if they feel strongly that something is not right about a particular issue. Campaigns have been set up in a wide range of areas, from democratic participation, human rights and economic fairness, to environmental sustainability.

If enough people support the campaign, GetUp! will assist people to act upon it. This may be by sending an email to an MP, engaging with the media, creating a TV ad, attending an event or even mounting a legal challenge, for example.

Chances are, you or someone you know, has signed a petition on GetUp! recently.

Campaigns have ranged from issues such as protecting the Great Barrier Reef from proposed mining by Adani, securing an increase in funding to the ABC of $88million, a petition of over 100 000 people to stop mandatory internet filtering by the Government, fracking (Coal Seam Gas), transparency of political party policies, empowering people to vote, the treatment of refugees, marriage equality and exposing worrying aspects of the Trans Pacific agreement to things such as corporate tax dodging.

The Larapinta
The Larapinta Trail runs through the MacDonnell Ranges, beginning near Alice Springs, NT. Along the track are well-known landmarks, such as Ormiston Gorge, Simpson’s Gap, Mt Sonder and Glen Helen.

As part of its fundraising efforts, GetUp! has offered the chance to walk this trail for a week in July, at the same time as raising money for the organisation. I plan to pay for my trek and raise $3500 in addition to go to GetUp.

This is where the ‘massage’ comes in. I will be offering massage, aromatherapy, tapping and healing sessions at St Andrews Market on Saturdays, as often as I’m able. These sessions will be by donation to GetUp!

Also, my regular massage, aromatherapy, Raindrop, tapping and healing sessions will be offered from home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays through term. A portion of these proceeds will pay for my trip.
I am in discussions with locals for a fundraising event or two, also, so keep an eye and ear out for this.

If you would just like to support GetUp!, I have a specific fund-raising page, too. You may donate through the following link  https://larapinta4getup.everydayhero.com/au/kerry

So that is what GetUp!, The Larapinta and massage have in common!

Here’s to a great, empowered year.

New Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Classes in Hurstbridge

Kerry Wailes is teaching new Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation classes in Hurstbridge, beginning in term 2, 2016.

Classes will be held at the expanded Dojo, at 946 Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd, (the main road), Hurstbridge. The well-loved Going Green Solutions has moved over the road, so The Dojo now occupies the whole space of this previously shared building.

Hurstbridge classes will be held on Tuesday evenings, 7pm – 8.30pm and Thursday afternoons, 1.30pm – 3pm, through school terms.

Classes are $16/wk for a term booking, or $23 casual. Term 2 is 11 weeks for these classes, so the term booking cost is $176.

Diamond Creek classes will still run as usual on Monday evenings, 7pm – 8.30pm, at Sacred Heart Primary School.

Come and experience classes and see what a difference it can make to your life. For many people, changes can be quite profound over time.

Book in with Kerry, at kerry@kerrywailes.com.au or phone 0438 777 732.

See more information at the website page, http://www.kerrywailes.com.au/yoga-meditation-relaxation-classes/Kerry Wailes Yoga and Massage logo

How Yoga Transforms your Body, Mind and Spirit

Dr Mercola has put together this article on the researched benefits of Yoga. Not really new info for yoga practitioners, but nice to have confirmation from scientific studies. Click on the following link, or cut and paste into your browser to read it:   http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2014/06/06/yoga-health-benefits.aspx


How We Become, and Stay, Flexible with Yoga

After our Friday morning Yoga class, we were discussing how eye-opening it is to be in a class where people have not done yoga before. Many people find it difficult to touch their toes, for example, to sit up straight, or to sit cross-legged. Below is an explanation of why those who have practiced Yoga for a while can usually do those things without much difficulty. An interesting extract from an article by Dr Mercola:

“Speaking of posture, reduced flexibility, which tends to occur with age and inactivity, can create body movements and posture habits that significantly alter and reduce your mobility. Poor posture and chronic pain is a common outgrowth of poor flexibility. Besides stretching techniques such as active isolated stretches (AIS), yoga is one form of exercise that can make a significant difference in this area.

At the heart of this process is a protein called titin, which acts as a mechanical computer, providing the appropriate elastic output to every single muscle throughout your entire body, your heart included. When you use your muscles, such as during yoga or exercise, oxidation levels increase, which in turn affects titin. This protein appears to be particularly prone to oxidation, and when you stretch a muscle, titin becomes increasingly sensitive to this oxidation. One common form of oxidation is called glutathionylation. When a muscle experiences a stretching force, folded bundles of titin are exposed, which enables glutathionylation, and locks the titin bundles in this unfolded state. This in turn reduces the stiffness of titin, producing greater muscle elasticity…

Putting these pieces together can explain why the combination of exercising and stretching leads to long-lasting yet reversible increases in flexibility. Exercising facilitates oxidation reactions, but it is stretching that primes the muscle for oxidation. Once oxidation reactions occur, they lock the muscle proteins in an unfolded state and cause sustained increases in their elasticity. The muscle goes back to normal when the muscle cells naturally remove the oxidation, a process that can take several hours.”

According to one of the researchers, yoga poses such as downward-facing dog effectively unfolds titin, enabling the processes that makes titin “remember” that it needs to remain locked in the unfolded position, which tells the muscle to remain soft and flexible.

Click to see the  Full article here


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