Hi, Namaste,

I am Kerry Wailes, a natural health practitioner in Hurstbridge, Victoria.

Since having children, I have devoted my life to bringing health and well-being to others like you , to my family and to myself.

Over the past 20 years, I have received a number of qualifications, and broad experience, in yoga teaching, massage and natural health.

  • I have a Yoga Teacher’s Diploma from the Sarasvati Yoga Society (2003). I am trained by the legendary Swami Sarasvati, one of the first proponents of yoga in Australia and I am a member of the Sarasvati Yoga Society. I have practiced yoga for over 30 years and taught for more than 20 years.
  • I have a Massage Therapist Certificate (1996) & Certificate IV in Massage (2009) from the Southern School of Natural Therapies and have been practicing massage since 1996.
  • I am currently furthering my Aromatherapy studies with ISHA (Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy).
  • I am a Certified Level 3 Inspired EFT practitioner
  • I am a member of the International Institute for ComplementaryTherapists (IICT).Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 3.20.35 PMSwami Sarasvati and Kerry.                                          
  • Prior to this, I received a Bachelor of Forest Science from the University of Melbourne. I worked in Natural Resource Management for 15 years, culminating in a position as Conservation Officer at the City of Whittlesea from 1993-6.I also completed a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2016

For decades, I have had an affinity for plants and their use in healing.

I have done many wonderful things in the name of world- and self-exploration, from Buddhist retreats and climbing in the Himalayas, working on forest fire-fighting crews, studying ‘Acid Rain’ in The Netherlands, living with a Muslim family in Malaysia for over a year, to living in a tent whilst collecting tree seed in the Gippsland mountains. By far the most wonderful and crazy thing was getting married and having two beautiful kids.

I bring many beautiful elements from all of these teachings and life experiences to my healing work and aim to pass on gifts to others from what I have learnt.

These days, people often comment on my positive outlook and high energy levels.

I rarely wear make-up and I am regularly complimented on the youthful, healthy appearance of my skin. I have been mistaken for being years younger than my Birth Certificate tells me I am. I can do things with my body now, that I couldn’t do in my 20’s.

BUT… it wasn’t always so.

I used to smoke two packets of ‘roll-your own’ cigarettes a week and drink far too much coffee and alcohol. I also suffered from depression.

That Is All Past News!!

I was inspired to change what I didn’t require any longer in my life, and I did.(And I still am becoming more empowered every day). My volition is that you, too, will be inspired by things that I offer to be the healthiest and most joyful you can be.

Namaste, (The Divine Spark in me greets the Divine Spark in you.)



Kerry Wailes

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