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Create Peace, Health, and Balance in Your Life – Experience Yoga, Massage and Aromatherapy with Kerry Wailes.

Hi, Namaste,

Do you wish to be inspired, healthy, balanced, peaceful, empowered and abundant?

I’d love to help you achieve this.

I am Kerry Wailes, mother, wife, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist and Inspired EFT, (‘Tapping’) Level 3 practitioner.

I am passionate about natural health and about being the greatest version of me that I am able to be. I am creating abundance in all good things in my life.

I am also passionate about helping you to do the same, if that is what you desire.

In my practice, I offer the following services:

  • Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Classes. To relieve aches and pains, gain flexibility, ease stress and become more content in your life.
  • Massage, Tapping and Aromatherapy. To ease muscle tension and knots, relax and rebalance your body’s energies and emotions.
  • Essential Oils and Products. Highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oil products to assist with your comfort, healing and well-being. 

My specialty is helping you to understand how discomfort is created in your mind and body. Additionally, I offer and help you to explore ‘tools’ that you can use in your everyday life, in order to enjoy life more and improve your vitality.

I am based in Hurstbridge, Diamond Creek and their surrounds, (Melbourne outer NE suburbs).

Corporate sessions are also available – ask me about tailoring a program to your requirements.

Yoga and meditation Class
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Be Inspired

May all that you find here inspire you be as  abundant, healthy and  joyful as you desire to be.


Kerry Wailes

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